About Piano Lessons

Our Curriculum

Our primary curriculum is Piano Adventures by Randall and Nancy Faber. This series exposes the student to a variety of musical styles as they develop music-reading and piano-playing skills.

After completing this series, students work on standard classical repertoire (music by master composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven), along with their favorite genres such as hymns or pop music, while continuing to study theory, history, composition, technique, sight reading, and ear training.

Every student learns a variety of styles throughout the year, such as folk songs, Christmas music, hymns, and duets.

Well-Rounded Musical Training

Students practice on our Baldwin grand piano

All students receive a solid grounding in technique and theory so they can understand the structure of music, and learn music faster.

Students practice sight reading and listening skills (ear training) to improve their abilities in listening, concentration, notation, and more.

Sharing music with others is an essential part of being a musician. Students perform in a variety of annual events including studio recitals, NFMC Festivals, and Certificate of Achievement. I also help students prepare to play in church when desired.

Students benefit from recitals and festivals in several ways:

Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano lessons for adults in the Treasure Valley

Have you always wanted to play "Für Elise" or "The Entertainer"? Imagine sitting down at a party to play "Happy Birthday" for friends, or playing Christmas carols at family gatherings.

Whether you had piano lessons as a child, or have always wanted to play, you will find a welcoming and accepting environment in private piano lessons.

I have taught adults from a variety of backgrounds, from complete beginners to other piano teachers. We typically begin with the Adult Piano Adventures curriculum by Randall and Nancy Faber. Lessons include music theory, technique exercises, and a variety of styles including classical, folk tunes, and oldies.

Adults can expect to make steady progress by simply practicing each day. Adults are not required to perform at recitals or Festivals, but are very welcome to participate if desired.

Goals for All Students

  1. Regularly play piano for fun and self-expression.
  2. Enjoy sharing music with others.
  3. Gain knowledge of classical music and famous composers.
  4. Learn skills that transfer to any other musical instrument.
  5. Understand how to divide large projects into sequential tasks.
  6. Gain discipline, perseverance, and confidence.
  7. Look back on piano lessons as a positive experience!

How to Enroll

Students age six through adult are welcome to begin piano lessons at any time of year, if an opening is available. Please contact the studio to schedule an interview or with any other questions.