What is Festival?

Our piano studio participates in Festival every March and December. Festival is designed to promote the study of music—especially American music—and to encourage a high standard of musical achievement.

Festival is hosted by the Nampa Musicale, our local chapter of the National Federation of Music Clubs, the world's largest philanthropic music organization. Founded in 1898, NFMC awards over $750,000 annually in awards and scholarships. Over 100,000 students participate in NFMC Festivals each year all over the United States, including about 4500 Idaho students.

Why Participate?

National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival
  • Festival challenges students to polish and memorize their piano pieces, which encourages good practice habits and develops musicianship skills.
  • Students receive a written evaluation from a qualified judge, a certificate, and points toward Gold Cup trophies.
  • When the student has earned 15 points in an event, their first Gold Cup is awarded. Over the years, the student continues earning points toward additional, larger Gold Cups.
  • Junior high and high school students can audition for cash awards through the Festival program.

Festival is Non-Competitive

Students play their pieces in front of a judge, in a private room. They are evaluated on their individual performance, not by comparison to other students.

Rating Points Earned Compares With
Superior 5 90-100% (A)
Excellent 4 80-89% (B)
Satisfactory 3 70-79% (C)
Fair 2 60-69% (D)
Needs Improvement 1 Less than 60% (F)

Festival Event Levels

Festival Enrollment

Festival occurs each spring and fall, with separate events at each Festival. In each school year, the fee is $15 for the first event, $13 for each additional event, and $9 for the written theory exam.

Our students typically perform in the following events:

Festival Gold Cups

Festival Location

Festival is held on the campus of Northwest Nazarene University, in the NNU Fine Arts Building on Dewey St.

Important Tips For Students