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Piano Recitals

All students perform at our annual spring recital, and friends and family are welcome. We hold occasional Christmas recitals as well. DVDs are produced of each recital and available for purchase.

The goals of recitals are to celebrate the student's progress and achievements, to hear a variety of piano music, and to have a positive experience of sharing music with others.

Student Performance Tips

Students should dress up for the recital (slacks, skirts, or dresses). Practice your recital pieces wearing your recital clothes and shoes. Beware of bracelets, rings, short skirts, and high heels--they may not contribute to a smooth performance!

  1. Walk to the piano and adjust the bench.
  2. Sit on the bench from the far side. Place your foot over the pedal.
  3. Take a deep breath!
  4. Listen to the piece in your head. What tempo and loudness will you start at?
  5. Put your ingers on the first notes.
  6. Play with the tempo and loudness you have just chosen. Keep playing no matter what!
  7. Place your hands in your lap.
  8. Stand and face the audience. Bow from the waist, counting to 3 as you look at your toes.
  9. After bowing, pick up your books, smile and walk back to your seat.

Recital Tips for Parents

Recital Policies

Please remember that music performance is a difficult task that requires concentration, and the audience must be respectful and attentive.

Recent Recital Performances

Our piano videos on YouTube Visit our YouTube channel for performance videos!

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