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Practice Tips

Practicing is different from performing.
Practicing is finding and solving problems in your playing.

1. Play the whole piece. Listen to the sounds & feel the movements you make.

Mark the "problem sections" with a pencil: places where the music doesn't sound or feel good, where there is a symbol you don't understand, or where you feel frustrated or confused.

2. Play a problem section. What is causing the problems in this section?

3. Tackle the problem section

After working on problem sections, play the whole piece again.
Relax and keep breathing!

Polishing Your Piece: Questions to Ask Yourself

Preparing for a Performance

Rehearse Your Performance Steps In Advance:

  1. Walk to the piano and adjust the bench.
  2. Sit on the bench from the far side. Place your foot over the pedal.
  3. Take a deep breath!
  4. Listen to the piece in your head. What tempo and loudness will I start at?
  5. Put your hands on the keyboard, your fingers on the first notes.
  6. Play with the tempo and loudness you have just chosen. Keep playing no matter what!
  7. Place your hands back in your lap.
  8. Stand and face the audience. Bow from the waist, counting to 3 as you look at your toes.
  9. After bowing, pick up your books, smile and walk back to your seat.
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