Piano Lessons in Nampa
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Piano Lessons in Nampa, Idaho Our studio includes a Baldwin grand piano, Kawai digital keyboard, and music library.

About Piano Lessons

A complete music education program for students of all ages

Private lessons ensure personal attention to each student's age, level, interests, and goals.

All students receive a solid grounding in music theory so they can understand the structure of music and learn new music more quickly. Students practice music listening skills (ear training) at each lesson.

The primary curriculum we use is Piano Adventures, by Randall and Nancy Faber. Editions are available for each age group, from young children through adult. After completing this series, students work on standard classical repertoire, supplemented by other genres of interest to the student.

Practice Requirements

Students attend weekly lessons, practice piano at home 5-6 days per week, and complete written theory assignments. In an initial interview, the student, family, and teacher will review the studio policies and curriculum, and discuss how to practice at home. Most children need a parent's daily assistance with practice to ensure every detail is addressed and good practice habits are developed.

Students are required to have an acoustic piano for home practice.

Through grade 12, students perform in all studio recitals and participate in NFMC Festivals. Additional performance opportunities are also available.

Piano Lessons for Adults

Have you always wanted to play "Für Elise" or "The Entertainer"? Imagine sitting down at a party to play "Happy Birthday" for friends, or playing Christmas carols at family gatherings.

Across the country, adult piano lessons are an increasing trend! Whether you had piano lessons as a child, or have always wanted to play the piano, you can go as far as you want to in piano lessons.

The basic curriculum is Adult Piano Adventures by Randall and Nancy Faber. This spiral-bound, all-in-one book includes music theory, technical exercises, and a variety of pieces including classical, pop, and spirituals.

Adults can expect to make quick and steady progress by practicing each day. Adult students are not required to perform at recitals or competitions, but are welcome to participate as desired.

Goals for All Students

By taking full advantage of the resources offered by the studio, students will:

How to Enroll

Students age 6 through adult are welcome to begin piano lessons at any time of year, if an opening is available. Children younger than 6 are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the studio regarding lesson times or any other questions.

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